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When do we use color?

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The use of color in interior design is an important factor in creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. Choosing the right color can affect the mood and atmosphere of a room and can greatly change the appearance...

Interior styles you should try

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retro chic The retro-chic style of interior design combines nostalgia with modernity to create a unique atmosphere. One way to incorporate this style into the home is by using vintage furniture and decorative pieces mixed with more modern...

The 60-30-10 rule - a proven method

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The rule says that the main color of the room (usually the color of the walls) occupies 60% of the color area. The secondary color (e.g. furniture or carpet) should make up 30%, while the accent color (e.g....

11 easy steps to fully furnish any room

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Do you need help with the optimal furnishing of your rooms at home? Don't worry, it's normal to feel overwhelmed with a total makeover. Remember that interior design is a combination of art and science and there are...