Eichholtz Coffee Table Guinness

We would like to introduce you to the Guinness coffee table, an impressive and sophisticated piece of furniture for every modern home. Designed with a Mocha Straight Oak veneer and a brushed brass finish, the Guinness coffee table is a statement of grandeur and sophistication. This makes it a captivating centerpiece in every living room. This impressive piece of furniture comes from the exclusive collection of the Eichholtz brand. Find out more about the Guinness coffee table from Eichholtz and discover how its impressive size and elegant design make it an eye-catcher in your living area.

Eichholtz Chandelier Aulani

The Aulani chandelier definitely makes a real statement. Despite modern design, this 12-light cluster pendant chandelier will add personality and charm to both traditional and modern interiors. The chandelier hangs from a round ceiling rose with an antique brass finish. It has 12 clear glass spheres that are adjustable in height and can therefore be hung in any desired pattern. An ideal pendant light to hang over a dining table or center table. Learn more about this unique piece of lighting and discover how it can enhance your home.

Eichholtz Table Lamp Benson

Benson table lamp, a timeless classic from the renowned Eichholtz brand, fits effortlessly into both modern and traditional environments. This lamp is characterized by high-quality workmanship using the best materials. Placed on a beautiful tapered travertine base, it comes complete with a matching linen blend lampshade. Find out more about this stylish table lamp from Eichholtz and discover how it brings quality and aesthetic charm to your home.


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Welcome to BadlyBitten, your premier provider of exclusive Eichholtz products. With us you will experience the fusion of timeless luxury and modern design, because BadlyBitten proudly presents an exquisite selection of furniture, lighting and home accessories from the renowned Eichholtz brand. Discover the elegance and quality that characterize Eichholtz in our extensive range. From stylish sofas and armchairs to glamorous chandeliers and luxurious decorative objects, BadlyBitten offers you the opportunity to design your home with timeless beauty. Eichholtz at BadlyBitten represents more than just furniture and accessories – it is a commitment to excellence. Our product range has been carefully curated to meet the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. We understand the importance of quality and design and take pride in providing our customers with unique pieces for their homes. BadlyBitten is your trusted partner for Eichholtz products, and we are committed to providing you with a first-class shopping experience. Our website offers a convenient way to explore Eichholtz's latest collections and order directly from home. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Give your home the touch of luxury it deserves with BadlyBitten and the exclusive Eichholtz brand. Be inspired by our passion for quality and design and create a space that reflects your personality. BadlyBitten – your source for timeless luxury, presented by Eichholtz. Discover a world full of elegance and style, because with us luxury goes beyond the ordinary.

BadlyBitten - Eichholtz Couches

At BadlyBitten we are proud to offer you not just furniture, but true works of art for your home. Our collection of Eichholtz Couches embodies this promise and stands out with its impressive fusion of comfort and aesthetic appeal. These couches are much more than just seating; they are an artistic enrichment for every room.

Eichholtz, a pioneer of innovative designs from modern trends to timeless silhouettes, presents a selection of exquisite couches that combine the highest level of craftsmanship and visual mastery. Each piece of furniture is crafted with precise dedication to not only provide maximum comfort but also represent an aesthetic highlight.

From the refined aesthetics of the Sofa Carbone , which combines luxury and style in your living space, to the timeless elegance of the Sofa Novelle , which creates a stylish atmosphere, Eichholtz offers a wide range of options. The Agostino sofa combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship for contemporary luxury, while the Lindau Outside Corner sofa is ideal for spacious lounge areas.

The Rivolo sofa offers a contemporary interpretation of elegance with clean lines, while the Blaine sofa is a masterpiece of design that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetic form. The Inger sofa creates a cozy atmosphere with its charming design, while the Bernd sofa combines minimalist design with the highest level of seating comfort.

The Kelly L sofa provides a touch of modernity and elegance and is an eye-catcher with its presence. The Sofa Signature Lounge redefines luxury and creates an inviting atmosphere for sophisticated entertaining. The Signature sofa is a timeless classic that impresses with unsurpassed quality and timeless beauty, while the Lennox sofa combines innovative shapes with first-class comfort and gives your living space a modern touch.

BadlyBitten - Eichholtz coffee tables

Welcome to BadlyBitten – your first-class provider of exclusive furniture from the renowned Eichholtz collection! Discover a diverse world of high-quality tables in our extensive range - from dining tables to bistro tables to coffee tables and more. Our selection also includes side tables, console tables, desks and stylish pedestal tables, all from Eichholtz, the market leader in timeless masterpieces.

At BadlyBitten we offer an outstanding selection of Eichholtz tables that impress not only with their variety but also with their unsurpassed quality. Each table in our collection is equipped with sturdy frames and legs made of high-quality materials such as steel, iron, wood or acrylic. The table tops are made of petrified wood, solid wood, veneer, marble, clear glass or mirror glass - for a perfect combination of aesthetics and robustness.

Discover the elegance and functionality of our tables, including exclusive models such as the Coffee Table Lioness, Coffee Table Billinghurst Round, Coffee Table Libertine, Coffee Table Oracle, Coffee Table Otus Square, Coffee Table Prelude, Coffee Table Matiz and Coffee Table Roxton. These high-quality products represent only a small excerpt from our impressive range.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a table for your living room, home office, workplace or a catering environment - BadlyBitten presents you with the perfect solution from Eichholtz. Our versatile tables fit perfectly into living spaces, houses, apartments, commercial offices, hotels and guesthouses.

Immerse yourself in the world of Eichholtz and give your room a touch of luxury with the exclusive tables from BadlyBitten. Browse our collection to find the ideal table that perfectly reflects your individual style and requirements. We at BadlyBitten look forward to presenting you these exclusive pieces of furniture from the Eichholtz collection. Treat yourself to timeless elegance and quality for every room!

BadlyBitten - Eichholtz lighting

Add character and style to your interior with our masterfully crafted lights, thought out down to the smallest detail. The table lamps from our exquisite Eichholtz collection are ideal for consoles, side tables, fireplaces, desks, dressers and bedside tables. Create a balanced lighting concept by combining these attractive lights with our ceiling lights, wall lights and floor lamps, including the Chandelier Vancouver S, Chandelier Ruby rectangular and Chandelier Sphinx L.

Our Eichholtz table lamps offer an impressive variety of styles, from traditional to trendy, as well as different materials and finishes, including iron, stainless steel, crystal glass, acrylic, nickel and brass. Complete your interior design with our charming table lamps such as the Table Lamp East, Table Lamp Lorieux, Table Lamp Lxry and Table Lamp Newman. Adjust the lamps according to your individual wishes and complete the overall picture with our energy-efficient and long-lasting CFL or LED lamps.

BadlyBitten is your reliable partner for high-quality furniture from Eichholtz - an investment in quality, aesthetics and timeless elegance. Browse our extensive range and discover the perfect table lamp or chandelier to add a touch of luxury to your room. Treat yourself to something special with BadlyBitten and Eichholtz, where quality and style come together!

BadlyBitten - Eichholtz armchairs and chairs

Add a new dimension of comfort and style to your space with the exquisite collection of seating from Eichholtz, available at BadlyBitten. Our extensive range includes armchairs, swivel chairs, wing chairs, dining chairs, folding chairs, club chairs and office chairs, all aimed at adding a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury as you browse our selection of artfully upholstered fabric and leather armchairs. Eichholtz and BadlyBitten are proud to offer you a variety of colors and styles to effortlessly personalize your space. Our armchairs are not just pieces of furniture; they are an expression of refined taste and timeless elegance.

Whether you are creating a cozy living atmosphere, equipping commercial offices or participating in guest projects - Eichholtz offers the perfect seating solution at BadlyBitten. Our armchairs fit seamlessly into various environments, from living rooms to offices, waiting rooms, hotels, reception halls, restaurants and bars and more.

Experience the fusion of exquisite textures and elegant lines that define Eichholtz's quality standards. Each armchair is a testament to our commitment to providing unsurpassed comfort without compromising aesthetics. Our luxurious seating options are not only functional, but also serve as focal points that enhance the overall atmosphere of any room.

Choose Eichholtz at BadlyBitten for a seating experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Exclusive pieces of furniture such as the Chair Louis, Chair Barrier, Chair Ménard, Swivel Chair Phedra, Swivel Chair Udine, Chair Agostino, Chair Kelly, Swivel Chair Bollinger are now available at BadlyBitten. Discover the possibilities and transform your surroundings with our high-quality seating collection.