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How to properly integrate the color gray into the interior

by Eleonora Bill 08 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Gray has established itself as an important neutral color in interior design. The color combination with gray depends on its tone: warm gray tones combine well with warm colors like taupe, pale pink, butter yellow and burnt orange, cool gray goes well with cool tones like navy blue, sage green and white. A good color combination results from matching the tones.

What colors go best with gray?

How to integrate gray into your interior design like a pro:

  1. Explore the variety of shades of gray to find the best shade for your space.
  2. Consider whether the warm gray "Greige" might be a better option.
  3. Focus on color temperature and undertone when choosing complementary colors.
  4. Uses anthracite gray as a dark color accent instead of black or dark blue.
  5. Incorporates gray through accessories without redoing the whole room at once.
  6. Add some color by playing with different patterns and unique accents.

Things to avoid

To achieve a harmonious interior design with grey, you should avoid a few things:

  1. Avoid overloading: too much gray can make the room appear drab and uncomfortable. Instead, choose a combination of gray and other colors for a balanced look.

  2. Avoid a color contrast that's too stark: Gray can be a great base color, but too stark a contrast with other colors can make the room look busy and uneven.

  3. Avoid using gray as the only color: gray is a neutral color and can be very appealing when combined with other colors. Avoid using gray as the only color in your space unless you want a minimalist look.

  4. Avoid uneven color distribution: An uneven distribution of gray can make the room appear uneven and restless. Distributes the gray tones evenly to achieve a harmonious appearance.

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