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Optimal placement of the wall lights in the living room

by Eleonora Bill 17 Jan 2023 0 Comments

The right lighting in the living room is important for a cozy atmosphere. A multi-level lighting system can be achieved by combining hanging, wall and table lamps . In order to achieve the perfect balance, it is important to determine the correct position for the wall lights . Here are some tips that can help in choosing the best positions.

Instructions for the optimal placement of your wall lights in the living room

The first step in placing your living room wall lights is to determine the purpose of their use: whether they have a practical function, such as providing light for work, or whether they serve to emphasize certain decorative elements. These decisions affect the style and positioning of your wall lights .

Consideration of the entire space for comprehensive lighting that supports the atmosphere of the room.

Wall sconces are a popular trend in living room lighting and suit any interior style. They are considered to be one of the most important elements of interior design as they can completely transform the look and feel of a room. When planning lighting for a living room, multiple levels and different light sources should be considered, to make the space flexible and versatile. For example, you can opt for an eye-catching chandelier as the main light source and combine it with table lamps to create a moody atmosphere.

Focus on the wall decoration

Wall lights can be placed on either side or above to highlight artwork in the living room. They are great as accent lighting to highlight interesting elements in the room such as artwork or objects.

Choose edgy pieces with textural shapes, textured surfaces, or colored glass, to emphasize your personal style, even when the lights are off.

Using Lighting for Practical Purposes

The modern living room is often a versatile space that includes areas for working, reading or writing. Although living rooms generally lend themselves to these activities and often contain a desk or dining area, these areas can also be dark and benefit from a well-placed wall light. A lamp on the wall next to the desk not only provides valuable working light that does not strain the eyes, but also improves vision and gives the room a clean and uncluttered look.

Spice up/embellish a blank wall

Wall sconces are a great way to make your walls more attractive when mounted at head height. They provide valuable light and can add an additional dimension to living room furnishings thanks to their artistic design with colored nuances.

Wall lights are unobtrusive and atmospheric, take up little space and can add a decorative touch. They can be used in pairs or threes along walls, framing ornate cabinets or mirrors and paired with floor lamps . Depending on the style you want, you can decide whether to incorporate decorative silhouettes or prefer a more minimalist solution.

Position near windows

The style of the wall lights affects where they should be placed. Models made of clear glass or crystal use the light optimally. A transparent wall light near a window emphasizes natural daylight. Faceted or multi-layered lights work well, as they reflect the beam of light around the room. This style pairs well with a frameless mirror that allows daylight to flow in all directions.

Place near an armchair to create a reading nook

A reading corner is an important part of a living room. All it takes is a comfortable armchair , a small side table and a well-placed wall light to create the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy your favorite book. If you want to mount a wall light for extra lighting, it should be mounted lower than head height - somewhere between shoulder and waist height - and choose a model with a swivel arm so that the light can be adjusted if necessary.

In the end, can you put wall lights anywhere?

Yes, it is possible to place wall lights anywhere in the living room, however you will need the help of an electrician to ensure they are installed safely and functionally. Unlike ceiling lights that need to be placed in the center of the room, or table lamps that are easy to place due to their proximity to outlets and furniture, wall lights can be mounted anywhere they are needed - be it for practical or aesthetic reasons Found.

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