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How do you find the style of living that best suits you?

by Eleonora Bill 16 Jan 2023 0 Comments

The interior design is of great importance for the wellbeing at home and reflects our personality. A well thought-out interior with comfortable armchairs and beautiful coffee tables can improve our everyday life and give us more wellbeing. That's why you should put a lot of time and effort into designing your own four walls.

It is possible to express your personal taste and style by choosing the right furnishings to make your home a place where you feel comfortable and that suits you. You don't have to spend a lot of money or be an expert to express your personality in the interior, but it does require some planning to be successful. This article gives tips on how to find the right furnishing style .

A review of the current style before starting the redesign

Make a list of the things you like about your current decor and try to find a style that emphasizes those positives and minimizes the negatives. Also consider the architecture of your home if you don't want to be guided by other inspirations.

Look for suggestions

There are many ways to find inspiration: websites and blogs , magazines, boutiques, social media like Instagram or Pinterest, just to name a few. These sources can help to find the right furnishing style.

You can take notes or photos, create a collage on an inspiration board to collect ideas and examples you like. By observing and comparing, one eventually becomes aware of one's own preferences for a particular furnishing style.

Combination of functionality and well-being

On the way to a personal furnishing style, you should constantly refine it in order to adapt it as well as possible to your own taste and lifestyle. It is important how you and your environment (partner, children, pets, etc.) live in everyday life.

It is important to consider your own lifestyle and the needs of those around you in order to make your interior design style as practical and comfortable as possible. For example: Do you have small children who prefer a cozy style or do you live more independently with each having their own areas? These are all factors to consider to make the style as liveable as possible.

choice of colors

Color is an important factor in creating an optimal interior. Consider the colors that already exist in your home, such as wood or stone, and add 2-3 more shades to them. Play with different tones, light and contrasts. Some colors energize, others relax.

Choice of furniture

Each piece of furniture contributes to the overall picture of the facility. Color, shape, size and materials used are aspects that should be considered when making your choice.

Trust in your own taste and style

Life can be stressful and decorating shouldn't be. It's not about achieving a perfect result, it's about creating an interior that suits you and that you like.

It is important that the furnishings reflect your own personality and individual taste and thus make the house a home. With a little time, research, thought and experimentation, you will surely find your own style of furnishing. The important thing is that you trust your instincts and don't be over perfectionistic.

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