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Tips for designing a small one-room apartment

by Eleonora Bill 28 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Uses clever storage solutions to save space, such as wall shelves, under-bed storage boxes, or hanging organizers in the kitchen.

Use multifunctional furniture, such as a bed with built-in drawers or a sofa with hidden storage space. Choose light and bright colors for the walls to make the room appear larger. Avoid placing too many pieces of furniture in the room, instead opting for a balanced arrangement of the furniture to create an open and spacious atmosphere. And don't forget to express your personality and interests through your choice of accessories and wall decorations.

Separation between different areas

In order to optimally design your small one-room apartment, you should try to separate different areas from each other. Although one might think that an open space is the best solution, it can quickly become untidy when areas are not separated from each other. Therefore, assign a specific purpose to each area within the room in order to set them apart.

For example, you can design an entrance area with coat racks and shoe racks, use a chest of drawers or a sideboard to separate the kitchenette and dining area, and include your hobbies in the room divider. Houseplants are also great for separating areas within a room, bringing more personality and order to your interior.

Investment in multifunctional furniture

Invest in space-saving furniture that performs multiple functions. An example would be a sofa bed that converts into a bed, a table that extends out and can be used as a workspace, or a storage bench that offers seating and storage at the same time. These pieces of furniture help to make the most of the space available and allow for multiple areas to be accommodated in a room.

When choosing multifunctional furniture, make sure it takes into account the size of the room in your home. Avoid pieces of furniture that are too large as they will only make the space seem more cramped. Instead, the furniture should be well proportioned and adapted to the size of the room.

Utilizes every available space

For example, an unused corner can be converted into a work area or library, an empty wall can be equipped with wall shelves or a desk . Be creative and think about the possibilities your apartment offers and how you can best use them to make your living space more efficient and comfortable.

Vertical storage solutions

Using vertical storage solutions can help maximize space in a small studio. Shelves and cupboards that reach from floor to ceiling make it possible to create a lot of storage space in a small area. This type of storage can also act as a visual divider between different areas in the room, such as the bedroom and living area.

Decoration well organized

Decorations should be well organized to create a harmonious and tidy atmosphere. Uses storage solutions that help keep items in place and don't spoil the look of the room. This can be achieved, for example, with shelves with integrated storage baskets that create a unified look while hiding the contents. Shoe racks are also suitable for keeping the entrance area tidy.

Go for soft colors

Choose soft colors for your studio to create a sense of space and light. Choose colors that harmonize well with each other and complement the interior. Uses mainly light tones for the walls and uses a darker accent color to highlight specific areas and create interesting contrasts. This way you can change the look of your room and give it more depth and dimension.

curves in the facility

To introduce variety in a one-room apartment dominated by straight shapes, consider using furniture and accessories with curved shapes. A round dining table , curved armchairs or rounded mirrors are some examples of ways to bring soft lines into the room. These curvy shapes can be complemented with other accessories, such as a round table lamp or a curved window, to create a cozy atmosphere.

Use of floating elements

Using floating elements is a popular trend in interior design. These pieces of furniture and accessories save space and give the room a modern and minimalist look. Wall shelves, floating sinks, furniture with high legs and floating wall decorations are examples of floating elements that work well in a one-bedroom apartment. These items give the impression that they take up less space than traditional furniture while providing storage and style.

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