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How can I find the right bookcase?

by Eleonora Bill 01 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Before you buy a bookcase, you should consider the following:

  • Number of shelves required
  • Available space
  • Preference between metal or wood
  • Matching design to other furniture
  • Favorite style
  • Purpose (only for books or other items)
  • Measurement of the room (height, width, length)

There are many types of bookcases , from small wall shelves to large free-standing models. It is important to measure the space carefully to ensure the bookcase you choose will fit.

How to choose the right material for a shelf

Choice of material for a shelf:

  • Wood and metal are common materials for bookcases, both have an elegant look, are durable and can support heavy objects.
  • Wood is a traditional material, but it is also available in modern finishes.
  • Metal is hot right now and comes in a variety of designs.
  • There are also other alternative shelf solutions, such as wicker, glass or chrome.
  • Although these materials offer a unique look, they are not as durable and resilient as wood or metal.

How to choose the finish for the shelf that suits the decor.

In short, bookshelves can be found in many finishes, from matte to glossy. A wooden shelf can complete the ambiance of a room with a wooden desk, while a more modern shelf can add a special touch. Metal shelves are suitable for modern interiors, while wooden shelves look traditional. The choice of shelf depends on the interior, decoration, personal style, budget and purpose.

Bookcases come in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Choose a shelf that goes well with your interior and, if necessary, complement it with cushions, wall hangings or other pieces of furniture to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Difference between a bookcase and a shelf

The difference between a bookcase and a shelf is that a bookcase is usually larger and more closed, while a shelf is usually open and smaller. A bookcase is a piece of furniture specifically designed to store books and usually has doors or drawers to protect the books from dust and dirt. A shelf, on the other hand, is an open piece of furniture that is usually used to store books, but also other items such as plants, works of art or everyday items.

determine usage

First determine what you want to use the bookshelf for before choosing one. Do you want to use it as a practical storage space for books and other items, or rather as a decorative element in the room? Should it be in the living room, study or bedroom? Depending on what you want to use the shelf for, different sizes, materials and designs are best suited. Consider how many books and other items you need to store to choose a shelf that provides enough space.

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