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15 relaxing colors for your home.

by Eleonora Bill 31 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Choosing the right colors is important when decorating a room, especially to create a relaxing atmosphere. Color and mood influence each other and determine the ambience of a room. Although some color choices are subjective, others have the same effect on most of us. With these 15 colors you can create a calming mood in your rooms.


When furnishing bedrooms or living rooms, the power of the color white should not be underestimated. White walls tend to make small spaces appear bigger and create an ideal oasis for stressed people. However, white can also become monotonous. Therefore, consider adding a few extra pillows, rugs or wall decorations to add an extra decorative touch to your space.


Does taupe fit in a calming space? Yes, definitely yes! Taupe can instill a mood of peace and control when you want to practice feng shui in your space. Concentrate on taupe as the wall color and complement it with colored decorative elements. Alternatively, you can spice up the atmosphere with a few plants.


Some of the most relaxing colors include neutral tones like beige. If you are often busy or have had a busy day, neutral walls will have a calming effect in your home. Since neutral colors alone can quickly appear monotonous, it is best to add an additional accent color such as green, gray or soft mint green.

sage green

Sage green symbolizes nature and therefore brings calm. Green is associated with happiness and renewal in many cultures. Bring the nature of your spaces to life with potted plants. Combine them with leaves, decorative pots and maybe even rattan to complete the look.

light grey

Gray color combinations are often found in relaxing spaces. Gray has a balancing effect because it is emotionless. Accent walls or light gray furnishings bring serenity to the room. White photo frames, green plants or pastel colored cushions complement the colour.


Lavender shades, inspired by the color of the flower of the same name, are regal and relaxing. You can soothe a room by adding a picture or wall decoration in lavender colors on a soft background. Lavender colors are among the color combinations that have a positive effect on mood.

pale pink

Pale pink is a calming color for spaces that can be considered feminine. It's a great accent color for pastels.


Blue-grey for organized and calm spaces - Choose blue-grey for a relaxing atmosphere and order in the room. Avoid dark blue in small spaces as it can be overwhelming. Uses deep blue colors for small, decorative accents.

navy blue

The color navy blue conveys calm and peace, making it a good choice for a calming space. But care should be taken that the design is delicate and tasteful. An accent wall or decorative elements in a darker color can add variety.

Light yellow

Yellow is a colorful choice for a space that conveys joy and vitality. Go subdued to bring out the bright yellow.

pastel purple

While dark purple is often associated with sadness, lighter shades of purple (or lavender) are considered peaceful and calming. Pastel purple works well as a wall color or as an accent color along with a neutral tone. Avoid overusing the color. It is best to combine the color with your carpet or other accessories to create a harmonious picture.

light orange

In rooms in orange tones one can feel powerful and emotionally stable. For a master bedroom, muted orange tones like apricot, peach, or a bright orange-red are more appropriate. To give the room a special touch, you can add some fancy vases or homemade candles as a centerpiece on the bedside table.

Rustic Red

Choosing the right shade of red for your space can have a huge impact on the design. An earthy terracotta red can anchor your thoughts and calm your mind. A soft, earth-toned red can convey a mild, relaxing warmth. When working with the color red, also use wood accents, fluffy throws and pillows, and large, comfortable furniture in combination.

Golden accents

Gold is typically known as the color of prosperity, success, or wealth. However, we recommend using this color sparingly in a room. Too many shades of gold can negatively impact the mood you want, while touches of gold can help you think of wealth and prosperity. For example, you can hang wall decorations with a gold frame or place a lamp with gold accents in your room.

Light Turquoise

If you're hoping for a combination of creativity and calm, orderly thinking, turquoise might just be the color for you. It's the perfect blend of blues and yellows.

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